"Jawal" S.J.A. is a Limited Liability Company (LTD) founded in 1993. The company is represented individually by members of the Board of Directors. According to the statute and registration of the company, we are allowed to do a work involving production as well as fitting elements of joinery. We have dealt with aluminium and plastic joinery production from the very beginning of our foundation. We have experience not only fitting windows to detached houses but also to large buildings. Our greatest achievements are as follows:

The "Jawal" company employ 30 people including three employees with the building industry rights. As far as education of the staff is concerned, it is as follows: Higher education - 4 people Secondary education - 18 people Vocational education - 8 people All our employees have been trained in companies that provide us with shapes. Our equipment together with our experience enable us to perform every work inolving aluminium and PCV constructions. Companies as VEKA, PRAMOS, YAWAL have authorised us to carry out production. Quality and accordance with a Polish Standard has been checked by COBR of the Joinery Industry. The Certificate of Compatibility has been granted by ITB under the number CZ ITB - 53/1997. Ready glaze elements are integrated panels made of the highest quality glass in Europe. A type of glaze is up to the Customer wish. They range from standard panels which are Float 4mm x 16mm frame x 4mm Float with the k<1,1 W/m2K overall heat-transfer coefficient to k<0,6 panels. A wide range of colours and resistance is available (including bullet-proof). PCV windows produced by our company are provided with German ferrules of the renowned producers. A standard colour of the windows is white. However, we offer a wide choice of window frames covered by wood-like veneer as well as other colours available in a RAL colour selection. Prices of such windows are 15% - 30% higher than of white ones. Aluminium joinery is done mainly in YAWAL system. Extensive technology allows to form a variety of kinds of constructions inside a building (e.g. doors, division walls, boxes, feeding windows) as well as outside (curtain walls, doors, windows, covers, balcony covers, winter gardens). Easiness of combining particular elements and simplicity of fitting create endless architectural possibilities. Application of a thermal barrier in outer profiles allows to construct woodwork that reduces heat losses. Simultaneously, it enables to keep all benefits of aluminium as a constructing material. For individual woodwork front doors are recommended because of their durability and reliability. Aluminium and PCV joinery is fitted on our own or in co-operation with the firms which we have authorised. Larger orders are realised at a discount. We offer favourable credits in co-operation with banks. We do hope that our Customers individual expectations will be met satisfactorily. You are welcome to visit our shops or contact us via our web site.

The Manager Mgr inz. Tadeusz Gorgosz