Standard windows and balcony doors are made of three-chamber profiles. High quality of materials used for producting elements guarantees long lasting reliability together with unfading colours. If the Customer wishes to have something unique and treats the building of a house as an opportunity to create their own style, we have a product meeting such expectations. This is a new generation of five-chamber window. The new window system is an ideal solution for the very sophisticated forms. It has been designed to match to new building industry. It also can be applied in old buildings that are being renovated. Five-chamber profile differs distinctively from standard window systems. Moreover, its genuine appearance gives a new and harmonious look to so far style. In addition to being uniquely beautiful, five-chamber window is also much more secure for Your family and firm, as this profile is solider. A five-chamber window protects You better from heat losses in winter and stops hot air from entering Your house in summer. Our company satisfy you as far as types of profiles, filling, size and type of glaze are concerned. Additionally, a very wide choice of colours is available. Not only are classic shades of white and brown on offer, but also wood-like surfaces in a great number of colours. What is most important, our woodwork will never need any renovating. Its surface is weather, ageing and discolouration resistant. Mild cleansing liquids are enough to keep it in good condition.


Heat Insulation System (PBI 40E and PBI 40) The system allows to form constructions of partition walls, doors and windows that do not require heat insulation. The system may be applied where cheap and aesthetic interior is desired.

Insulated Profile System (PI 50) The two-chamber profiles enable to do a woodwork (of windows and doors) that is well-insulated therefore prevents from heat transmission as well as condensation of vapour on the surface of a frame or a wing. Insulating properties are ensured by a two-chamber construction of the profile. Its components are joint by polyamide tape, which ensures permanent and solid joint with very good insulating properties.

Insulated Profile System (M 62) The three-chamber profiles fulfil all requirements of a modern system of a door, a window, a shop window and a partition wall production. The aesthetic of a construction is emphasized by high-quality trim of the surface of profiles. Anodizing and powder painting can be carried out at the Customers request, according to the RAL selection. The profiles may have different colours inside from those outside.

Front System (FA 50) The system enables to build curtain walls that can be fixed to existing buildings or to specially prepared steel or reinforced concret constructions. Curtain walls are fitted on either vertical or horizonal surfaces.

Semi-structural Front System (FS 70) The FS 70 front construction is a system of aluminium semi-structural curtain walls based on a columnar-transom arrangement. Large surfaces and slightly visible aluminum elements make a front look light and aesthetic. Profiles are produced either as heat insulated or non-heat insulated.